FREE Face Masks - Redeem Now

We are NOW offering FREE 3ply Face Masks to everyone in Australia (not just Sydney)!
Below has all the details as to how you can redeem it.
We have been inundated with requests for FREE face masks from people outside of Sydney and as such we have now opened the offer to everyone nationwide!

In less than 2 minutes you will be able to redeem your FREE Face Masks.

If you are wondering why we are offering FREE Face Masks, please read on...


In many parts of Australia including Greater Sydney, Central Coast, and Wollongong areas, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask inside public indoors areas, including shopping centers, cinemas, and some hospitality areas.


Why are we offering FREE Face Masks? 

WHSAFE.STORE, is an Australian owned & operated online business that is based in Sydney. We are offering free face masks to everyone that lives in the Australia as we have noticed hundreds of stores & pharmacies both online and in physical locations selling 3ply masks for over $2 per mask. This is simply unethical and possibly even illegal as it is a form of price gouging. We want to help to the best of our ability using our limited resources to make sure greedy businesses don't take advantage of our Sydney community.

How Many Face Masks can I redeem for FREE?

We are currently offering 3ply Face Masks for FREE to support our Australian Family. You can redeem 1 pack of FREE Face Masks. 

1 Pack of 10 - 3Ply Face Masks 

To avoid people abusing this genuine help from us, we are limiting the FREE Masks, to 1 pack per person, per week.

This is for personal use only. Businesses can ask their staff to redeem the free face masks individually, however, if they wish to purchase Face Masks for your business, we have Australia's lowest prices for Face Masks and they can choose from our wholesale list here.

Is it in stock?

Yes, we have plenty of face masks in stock, however, we are limiting it to 1 pack per person to ensure we have sufficient stock for as many people as possible. If we do run out of face masks, we will provide an update on our website.

So, how does it work:

1. Choose 1 Free Pack of 3PLY you wish to receive and add it to your cart and checkout.

2. You will be charged a small fee for Postage & handling at checkout. The postage and handling fee is a discounted freight charge. Different postage and handling fees apply for different states and territories. See further down on this page for more details.


How do I order for multiple family members?

We understand that this may be a little inconvenient, however, if you wish to order 1 free pack for each family member, you will have to place a separate order for each person using their email address. 

Again, this inconvenience will ensure that as many people in Sydney as possible can receive their FREE Face Masks and not have to pay unethically high prices to certain pharmacies or stores.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes we do.

Delivery Fees are:


SA: $3.95

TAS: $4.95

NT: $5.95

WA: $6.95


How long will it take for my FREE Masks to be delivered?

All Free Masks will be delivered to the nominated postcodes in the Sydney Metro area within 1-3 business days.

QLD/NSW/VIC/ACT: 2-5days

SA: 2-4days

TAS: 3-6days

NT: 5-10days

WA: 5-10days

Above delivery times are estimates only. 

May I pick it up from your warehouse in Sydney?

No, unfortunately due to the current circumstances for the protection of our staff and yourself, no pickups can be arranged. We currently only offer contactless delivery.


May I tell my family and friends about your FREE Masks offer?

Yes, Please let all of your friends and family know, so they don't spend so much money on masks. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of online stores, pharmacies, retail shops, that are taking advantage of this NSW Government mandate and charging over $2 per mask for the 3ply masks!

Together we can remain strong and defeat Covid-19

Wishing you all a Happy, Prosperous, and Healthy New Year!


PS: Don't forget to redeem your FREE Face Mask below!